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Solar Panel Pest Barriers in The Bronx

Solar panels are quickly becoming an affordable and efficient alternative energy source. However, because they are situated outdoors, they come with their own complications. Business and homeowners now have to contend with pests that turn the underside of their solar panels into homes.

At Eco-Plus we offer solar pest barriers that aim to keep solar panels free of birds and rodents. These animals can cause serious damage to the wiring and complex systems that make up solar panels. Our solar panel pest barriers are the inexpensive and discreet solution to wildlife control that homeowners and business owners have been waiting for

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Solar Panels and Pest Infestations

We offer a range of products that are aimed at protecting your solar panels from the damage caused by pests. For solar panels that are built on top of buildings, the main culprits are the birds. Solar panels, after all, offer a shady yet warm place for birds to make their nests. Unfortunately, birds are not necessarily the cleanest animal. Nor do they care much for private property. They’ll make use of the gap between the roof and the back of your solar panel to make a nice little home.

Anyone that’s dealt with a pigeon infestation knows that they tend to leave excrement all around their nests. This can attract all kinds of bacteria and mold. Worse still, pigeon infestations tend to increase the likelihood of other infestations such as cockroaches. And in The Bronx, where cockroaches are already a problem, do you really want to create the ideal conditions for them to thrive?

The problem is virtually the same for solar panels that are built on the ground. Only there, you’ll find more issues with ground animals like rodents. Since The Bronx is full of a wide variety of urban animals, the risks that they take shelter under your solar panels is quite high.

Keep Pests Away From Your Solar Panels

Our pest barriers are designed to keep birds and other animals from creating nests underneath solar panels. They come in a range of styles, from mesh wire netting to more solid grate style barriers. The basic idea is to close off the gap between the back of the panel and the surface they’re attached to. Our barriers are a mechanical solution to wildlife control.

Nowadays, it’s not necessary to fix metal panels or other types of barriers using screws, rivets, or other fasteners. Modern adhesives make it possible to fix the barriers to the sides of your solar panels without damaging them or building extra structures. Our pest barriers are a straightforward solution that won’t damage your solar panels.

Don’t Risk Your Solar Panel Investment

If you’re a business or homeowner that has made the leap to solar energy, don’t put your investment in jeopardy. Call Eco-Plus to find out about the many pest barrier solutions we offer to residents in The Bronx. Keep birds, rodents, and other pests away from your solar panels with our pest barrier solutions.

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