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Solar Panel Bird Deterrents in The Bronx

Birds can cause real problems for homes and businesses with solar panels on their roofs. Solar panels are the ideal place for pigeons and other birds to build nests. They offer a space that’s hidden from the sun, the rain, and predators. They also provide birds with plenty of warmth, while offering easy entry and exit points.

Unfortunately, while solar panels are the ideal homes for birds, they’re not so good for human home and property owners. Pigeons and other birds can cause damage to the roof, the building, and the solar panels themselves. And when you’ve invested in solar panels that will pay themselves off in 15-20 years, the last thing you want is a family of birds ruining it for you.

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Bird Barriers for Solar Panels

We offer several different products that are designed to keep birds away from the underside of your solar panels. For solar panel specific deterrents, our mesh wire barrier is a good solution. Wire mesh is flexible and therefore well-suited to many different roofing materials. It works just as well on a flat roof as on the rounded tiles of terracotta roofs. It can also be cut or expanded to fit solar panels that are built more or less than 8 inches. Mesh wire bird deterrents are an ideal mechanical solution for protecting both your solar panels and your roof

Bird Netting for Solar Panels

Bird netting has been around for a long time. It was designed to be used to keep birds out of openings, enclosures, and all types of nesting areas that buildings provide. As a humane, easy to install, and effective bird deterrent, it’s an obvious solution to the problem of solar panels in Manhattan. One of its advantages is its flexibility both in the sense that it can be wrapped around awkward spaces and that it’s expandable.

Bird Spikes for Roofs With Solar Panelss

Bird spikes are another great option. This effective and humane product keeps large species of birds (such as pigeons, crows, doves, etc.) from landing on your roof. This straightforward solution comes in both a heavy-duty plastic version and a metal version. Both are available in a range of colors that designed to fit with the look of urban architecture. Bird spikes are ideally used in combination with solar panel barriers. They’re perfect for ledges, roof peaks, conduits, signs, and a range of flat or curved roofing surfaces.

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